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there are a large number of topical (DorothyL-related) files available from the Listsev at Kent State University. These files were created and are maintained by DorothyL subscribers.

The full list of available files and retrieval instructions is posted quarterly by Gail Hueting (, and will be available on this page.

Instructions for Retrieving Files (Read First!)

To obtain a list of files from the LISTSERV:

To obtain an individual file from the LISTSERV:

Remember to send your GET request to the LISTSERV@LISTSERV.KENT.EDU, not to DOROTHYL.

When you send commands to the LISTSERV, leave the Subject: line blank, and do not put anything in the message except the GET line.

You can GET more than one file by issuing separate GET commands, each on a separate line. Some users may need to add F=MAIL at the end of each GET line, to ensure that the file comes as a mail message.