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Archives of DorothyL are maintained at Kent State University, and are available on the Web. These archives are keyword searchable, as well as arranged by date. It is important to remember that this archive does NOT save each digest as a unit. Instead it saves the individual DorothyL postings weekly. This site has archives back to February 1999. To access this version of the archives, point your Web browser to:

To view the archives, you must be subscribed to DorothyL. For information on subscribing, see the Sub/Unsub page. Passwords can be anything you want but you must supply a working e-mail address and you must confirm the password e-mail that Listserv sends you.

If you want to temporarily sign off of DorothyL yet still be able to read the DorothyL in archives, see the Other Commands page and set your subscription to NOMAIL.