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Noms de Clavier on DorothyL:
Maintainer of the Noms de Clavier list: Michael Kovacs,

Why do we have Noms?.When DorothyL was started a number of subscribers thought it would add to their enjoyment of the list to adopt a special DorothyL persona, an identity that would be mystery-related. Thus one of the founders, Diane Kovacs, adopted the Nom de Clavier of Harriet Vane.

There is no requirement, nor even a recommendation or suggestion, that posters to DorothyL have noms. In fact, most DorothyLers do not have noms. Noms have always been just a bit of fun for some of our subscribers, and that's all they will ever be.

Derivation of the term "Nom De Clavier":.The term 'Nom de Clavier' is based on a play on words. We are all familiar with the term 'Nom de Plume' or pen-name (based on the French word for 'pen'.) Since our access to DorothyL involves use of a computer and we use the computer keyboard instead of a pen to write our messages to DorothyL, we replaced the word for 'pen' by the term used in music for a keyboard: 'clavier'. Thus, a Nom de Clavier, or Keyboard Name.

Guidelines for Adoption of a Nom:. As the practice of using Noms became more wide-spread some guidelines and a registration procedure became necessary so as to avoid conflicts. The guidelines are very simple.

Registration of Noms:.there is NO obligation for a subscriber to DorothyL to adopt a Nom. Some subscribers do; many others don't. However, if you do decide you want to adopt a Nom it is a good idea to first check the most current Noms de Clavier list to see if the Nom of interest to you has already been adopted.

To obtain a copy of the list:

The list is updated about every six to eight weeks and announcements of each update are sent to Dorothyl along with a list of the NEW noms added in that update.

Once you have determined that the nom you want is available, send a message directly to Include your real name, the nom you want, and a brief description of the nom (if fictional character, give the author, plus any other characterizing details). Do NOT send your request to DorothyL! If you change your email address you do not need to inform Michael as he does not include email addresses in the Noms list.

If you stop reading DorothyL and you have a Nom:.Please let Michael know if he can release your Nom for others to use.

Other questions:.Please contact: Michael Kovacs, Maintainer of the Noms de Clavier list