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DorothyL Goodies:

I've heard that there are DorothyL t-shirts, mugs and pins. How do I get one?

You can buy shirts, mugs, hats and other assorted merchandise at the DorothyL Store at

The mug goddess is Nancy Whitney, daughter of our beloved Auntie Lil (Deb Whitney, whose spirit remains with us). To order a mug, please email Nancy at for information about DOROTHYL 2000 Mugs Click this link.

The pin goddess is LJ Roberts. To order a pin connect to

I want to start selling DorothyL duvets.

Sorry, no one may use the DorothyL name for any product or group without ADVANCE permission. Please e-mail one of the moderators.  Additionally, the DorothyL "crest" (the design which appears on the t-shirts and mugs) may not be used without checking with Hilde Horvath first.