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Configuring Mail Clients to Send Plain ASCII Text

Many email programs allow users to use HTML (normally found on web pages) within their email messages. This makes URLs into clickable links and it means that graphic images, formatting, and even color coded text can also be included in email messages. While this makes your email interesting and pretty to look at, it can cause problems for a lot of DorothyLers. Not all email clients will render the fonts, colors, etc. properly.

For example, some hypothetical person likes to send all her emails in bright green font and in bold and italics (incredibly difficult to read). When this person sends a post to DorothyL, the HTML (to make the green, bold and italics) gets sent with it. Some DorothyLers will receive the entire digest in green, bold and italics because this one person sent HTML-encoded email to the listserv. It's a mess and extremely difficult to read.

Please be considerate of other DorothyLers and ensure that the messages you send to DorothyL are in PLAIN TEXT, not HTML.