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DorothyL Memorials

The members of DorothyL are the heart and soul of this community of mystery readers. It saddens us and leaves a void whenever one of our own dies. We offer this space to honor those members of the DorothyL family who have passed before.

If you would like to submit a memorial message for someone, please e-mail one of the moderators.

Sue Feder

Time on DL: 1991? through 2005

Sue was an articulate and frequent poster. In her last few years she worked to raise funds and awareness of her illness through Dorothyl with Light the Night Walk hosted by The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  When I think of Dorothyl members that I feel I know well, I always think of her even though she's technically gone.

Anne George

Time on DL: until 2002

Anne's mystery stories are literate, humorous, and beautifully crafted. So was she. I don't know how to say how much I miss her. She brought a lot of life to Dorothyl. Submitted by Diane Kovacs

David Ibbetson

Time on DL: until 2005

Ib was a prolific and articulate poster. We did not realize how much we would miss him when he was gone. Good man.

Brian Rice

Time on DL: until 2001

Brian was a volunteer moderator and errors handler. He was not even 40 years old when he died. We cherish our memories of his good nature as well as his willingness to help and support Dorothyl.

Marcia Whipple

Time on DL: until 2000

Marcia was a good and generous soul, a shy person who loved mysteries and was probably one of the world's biggest fans of Due South. Her gentle sense of humor was delightful. She was courageous in overcoming her fears, and her attitude when she faced her battle with her final illness is one that reflected that same courage. I miss you, Marcia. Submitted by: Jan Burke

Auntie Lil - Deb Whitney

Time on DL: 1991-1998

Aunti Lil is one of the people who made Dorothyl the great group that it is. She was one of our originals and her civilized postings were always interesting or entertaining. She was the first to develop Dorothyl Goodies and have regional Dorothyler get-togethers. Submitted by Diane Kovacs.