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Forbidden Topics on DorothyL:

Forbidden topics are topics which have been discussed to death, are contentious and never get resolved, or are just a fact of life on the Net and DorothyL in particular? Yes! Remember DOROTHYL is a conversation that has been going on for over a Decade. If you want to learn what people thought about one of these topics please check the Archives. On the no longer short list of these topics:

Other topics may be added to this list at any time. These topics are on here largely because they cause endless squabbling and hurt feelings -- we will NEVER reach consensus on them. If you want to see what has already been said, check the archives. Please remember that The moderators reserve the right to moderate on any posting or topic we feel is inappropriate. The moderators are the lawmen and judges of DorothyL. If you have a problem with a topic or feel someone is beyond the pale, please come to us. Topic vigilanteism is frowned upon. Most issues are dealt with by setting the poster to review until they confirm that they understand they need to read the Dorothyl Guidelines and abide by them.