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Welcome to the DorothyL Official Web Site


DorothyL is a discussion and idea list for the lovers of the mystery genre. It was concocted by a group of librarians at a July 1991 Washington, D.C. meeting of the Association of Research Libraries and named in honor of one of the greatest mystery writers. Agatha Christie and Josephine Tey were strong contenders, but Dorothy L. Sayers had a LISTSERV-blessed middle initial.

DorothyL is available via email as either a daily digest (all messages sent as one large message) or as individual messages. When you first subscribe you will automatically receive the list as a daily digest. If you wish to receive DorothyL as individual email messages rather than a daily digest, you may do so (instructions are located under Subscriber Commands).

Please remember that DorothyL is the whole group of us. Meetings which are not of the whole, are DorothyLER or DorothyL MEMBER gatherings, and should be referred to as such to avoid confusion.

Our vote during Sept./Oct. 2001 for our group short name was overwhelmingly in favor of DLers, followed by DOROTHYLers. Both terms are the preferred form of address when you post to DOROTHYL - Dear DLers or Dear DOROTHYLers - or refer to our group elsewhere.

DorothyL's Moderators aka Listowners are very Friendly, Incredibly Brave People:

Michael J. Kovacs
aka The Saint - Harriet Vane and The Saint's critters

Diane K. Kovacs
aka Harriet Vane

Kara L. Robinson
aka Danger Mouse - Danger Mouse's Baby Mouse

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